The resignation episode (final scene)

“My view towards the resignation reasons:

– A complain in writing a parent made because lesson was short 10 minutes.

What actually happened: the year 6 kid didn’t turn up for a lesson and by the time I was chasing her up time’s gone. The mother mentioned I should have been waited in my room for the lesson to finish (!) and mark her absent and not to try to rescue the lesson. Everybody agreed, except me.

– I was seen wearing jeans again.

Whilst my smart casual dress has always been neat regardless the fabric of my clothes, apparently ‘the jeans’ impacts massively on school image. However, no proof could be given that I was wearing that.

– I should not communicate with parents. “I need to learn how to shut down”.

I think the teacher has the right to contact the parents and that is a very wrong direction the school is going to if they nurture this attitude.

The underlying issue in my opinion underpins in a little talk I had with A and M when I asked my position to be put on a contract, not on a casual basis. I am fully qualified and fully registered and I can act as a replacement when lessons are finished. I also explained that parents fees will cover the cost of my employment and that will create extra motivation to further develop the program. One answer I had was: “some staff is not really considered school staff. Your program is just a little outlet to keep the parents happy; we are never going to really develop this to what you are asking because it is not in school interest”. I stated that is very wrong direction the school is going. I also explained the underpayment issues. There are Australian bodies that regulates the fees and the “on call” rates and they are much higher than current pay rate. While I agree the parents should not be paying more, the school has the power to subsidy this. The answer was that I am free to go if I am not happy with this. “We’ve always done it this way”, I was told and that is a very dangerous phrase. My point was trying to unveil these matters so somebody can deal with it because there is a lot of work “in the learning rooms” and it’s better to have these issues solved.

During all this time M was telling me how much he likes the work I am doing, to keep doing what I am doing, that everything I do it is “an investment in the future”. Meanwhile, they were making up the reasons together to force me go. A did not mention anything to me and I suppose that puts a dent in the friendly smile is often displayed around.

Some disappointment also occurred when I noticed that M is often on personal development courses, or enjoys overseas trips, as confessed to me not long time ago. I needed to make appointments to see M (few weeks in advance). How can someone have any empathy if there is no teaching there, no direct contact with the kids? Just with the drive for taking pictures? Let’s manipulate people with pictures then. Who doesn’t like pictures?

Although the reasons to exclude me are not good enough, I still resigned. There was no way this could continue.

This writing is my own online journal and my own intellectual property. No one has the right to use without my written consent. I think we all know and agree that kids are not at a better school because of the papers, or because of the school name, or the picture, or the website. It is not because of ‘the program’. What program? There is no program! It is teacher’s daily creativity. It is teacher’s mind, drive and ability to work and invent something from nothing. To inspire and instil eventually the passion for learning to the students. It is about minimum resources, but, more importantly, about the power of the teacher. To change spirits. Minds. To make it better. For students. For people.”



Copyright 2014 Silvio Stefan

All rights reserved.

No one has the right to use any content of my writings from this website without my written consent. Any representations or opinions expressed here are for my own personal use and any association with real life persons is coincidental and must not be necessarily interpreted in any way.


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