A very basic principle implies that humans are not logical computational machines that get programmed  as software references. The programming process can be infallible. But not us. We can plan something to do today, and do something else tomorrow.

Humans are logical to a certain degree, but also illogical. Spiritual, yet scientific. Erratic, but stable. Religion has also been an attempt to bring order in humans’ chaos. Religion evolves and redesigns itself to keep up with humans to help them find peace and order in a structured way, based on the society’s needs as of today. Some humans used religion to dominate other humans knowing that humans need to believe in something as they need to drink water. Being created by humans for humans, religion flawed from its core. A system created or recreated by a human being would have some imperfections. The conclusion is that humans are the reason for their own chaos, not God or religion.

Above religion is love that makes everything sacre. How much you loved you humans needs to ask humans, not how much order humans put in other humans’ life. How much you prayed for others, not for yourself, that is another question. In the name of love humans killed humans convinced they are doing the right thing. This is fanatic. Everything must not go beyond the limit that makes anybody lose the inner balance. Seeking for the final destination and happiness will get you back to where you come from.

Why people are not happy then despite they are very religious or exercise and they are very healthy? Why they are not happy although they have more money today than they had yesterday? Why those who meditate or are very powerful are still seeking and yet have not discovered happiness? Why those who don’t have kids are as unhappy as those who have kids, but are disappointed? I can not answer these questions either, they are difficult, but the best thing I think I should do is to stop seeking the happiness. That is the paradox: in this pursuit of seeking the happiness the secret is to stop seeking it. And the happiness will start seeking you.


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