Reflective thinking

Education is transformative.

Transformation. A lesson has been learned when both teacher and student acknowledge a change in their own perceptions. It is this change or transformation that teachers can assess. Each lesson should broaden and empower more the student. Student come to a teacher seeking a change and sometimes they already know what that change is, they only need a confirmation. Sometimes they don’t know anything about any change, but it has to be browsed for ideas.

Imitation. People learn a myriad of skills and competencies through imitation. That is simultatneous imitation or remembered imitation (short term or long term), also what I called metamorphosed imitation that involved that little bit extra you add up to personalise the imitation. Some can’t imitate exactly and so the imitation changes. Itzak Perlam said he doesn’t like to play in his lessons, but that is more self-preservation.

Individual learning. No self learning = no progress.


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