Tot despre Rosia Montana

Am scris din nou la UE dupa mesajul pe care l-am primit si care nu doar ca m-a nemultumir, dar mi-a si sporit frustrarea si dezamagirea. Nu am primit inca nici un raspuns si nici nu cred ca o sa primesc. UE este noua era capitalista a comunismului de tip liber. Nu cred ca se va rezolva nimic. Suntem doar carne de mici!
Iata mai jos mesajul meu:
Thank you for your reply explaining the legislation.
However, the main concern is people’s life and health, beyond the employment benefit. Contaminated water, unfertile soil, diseases and other high toxicity levels in atmosphere need to be stopped, as they are in US, Australia and other highly developed countries.
Could you please forward this to the above EU board, including those that regulate health and environment or please advise me their websites.
Thank you,

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