Rosia Montana

I received from a friend this movie, about Rosia Montana.

I sent the movie to institutions that may have more power and influence in Government decisions. I sent an email to UE. My email is this:

Regarding the ROSIA MONTANA project that is going to be operated in Romania, member of the UE, why UE does not have anything to say about it? We would like UE to come up and have something to say.

And this is their response:

Dear Mr Stefan,
Thank you for your message.
Cyanide mining technologies are covered in the Mining Waste Directive (Directive 2006/21/EC). The existing legislation includes precise and strict requirements which should ensure an appropriate safety level of the mining waste facilities. Strict limit values for cyanide concentration – the strictest worldwide to the Commission’s best knowledge – are defined in the Directive. These provisions were introduced in the wake of the accident at Baia Mare in order that the conditions and consequences of that accident could never be replicated. The Commission considers it essential to ensure full application of the Directive by the Member States – which are competent and responsible for delivering permits for mining waste facilities – and therefore will continue to take appropriate initiatives to that effect.
Due to the lack of affordable alternative technologies, a general ban on cyanide use would imply the closure of existing mines operating on the basis of the stringent standards (as defined in the Directive), which would be detrimental to employment without additional environmental and health added value. The Commission intends to continue to closely follow the possible technological developments in this sector in order to ensure that “best available techniques” are applied in practice as required by the Directive.
We hope that this information will be of use to you and remain at your disposal should you have further questions about the EU.
With kind regards,
EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre

What I think it needs to be done now is to contact some UE health and environment institutions so they are informed about this as well. We can’t change the world, but it would be nice to hear some other opinions. If by any chance you have some some websites or phone numbers, please let them here and I will try to contact them directly.


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