Again about fb

Those who still do not realize that FB actually is not trying to bring something new or improve something, we say simply add new features to better evidentza holder. All fb users were happier before, so changing it is not a problem. Just as American dictum: “Know your customer as yourself” I know that is the whole family, and know that wearing slippers, or as we say and what tzatza sucked from his mother. Fb trend is to make them a great customer file, to spot him with facial recognition technology in all forms. Think of the movies Robocop and appear to scan the individual to address and how many children have will soon be reality. The verb that characterizes the Internet is “finding”. There is nothing but a big “seeking”. Poor Google- generation, who say why to learn, Google finds it? And so they become empty on the inside, and out, and do not have nothing but internet. I google, therefore I exist (and google became a word!).

FB will merge with once. And as I struggled on Geni one night we stayed until 5 am doing my family tree. Is much evidence of people try it and behold the moment arrived. Did you know that the number of inputs on FB in a single day exceeds the total number of people world rapidly approaching the figure of 7 billion people? Fb, translated fetzei book is not nothing but a large database in which all people are enrolled in one big document. Was to say the book of life, O Lord, forgive me …

Yesterday I was very upset that some friends of mine are on facebook. But today we apologize. They know I fought with them in mind. Good thing I kept silent …


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