He was so stingy, that at night he was barking like a yard dog to make savings.
Some live for free, others for nothing.
Why it's bad sides, when stupidity is endless?
Off radiator is colder than the refrigerator in operation.
Why did the military acts of civil status?
It's nice to be good, but you have to be both good at something.
Only when others envy you realize your own value.
Happiness is living only a moment to another. Intrigue each other life.
Cowardice is the feeling that he has not even dare to say his name.
Love ... heartbeats for headaches. The feeling that comes and goes galloping on tiptoe.
Women do not cheat, they compare.
Chains have written the definition of freedom.
Boredom day stretches and shortens life.
A plant them some cause insomnia: laurels, others.
Deliberate lie is not matter of fantasy, but of character.
True racehorses not running for prizes, but only to put blood in motion.
Gloria, when killed, will not be in favor of anyone.
On the day of victory, do not forget to remember and previous defeats.
No glory is fleeting, but only those who have.
Some memories are called remorse.
Each heart has its bridge with junk that does not throw them never endure, but
shake occasionally.
Memories are like books in your library. Looking for every one you do not have anything new to read.
I never asked anything of life. All I had, I pulled. And everything I had, I stole.
The time to go step to step no.
One is to believe and another to be gullible.
One is to ask other to beg and quite another to claim.
Courtesy truth must be primarily a matter of character and then an education.
Do not cry for no reason. And, above all, do not cry when you reasons.
When you deserve something, do not ask. Claim.
The future of a man and a world that is built, not dreams.
Have you ever wondered how many hands that made bread with one, one going to the mouth?
Suspect's intelligence service of unarmed people for life.
Each train of the world, life run on compartments.
Meridians: braces globe, to equator do not fall in coming.
It was so ugly that when crooked, seem less ugly.
We're even, young fellow. Do not you know me and I do not recognize.
You can be in one ear and still work very seriously: if you're needle.
Night, speed of thought circulating in the "year-darkness".
When the pig passes three hundred pounds ceases to be pork. Becomes "exhibit".
Sometimes you look without seeing and, sometimes, see without looking.
And if you're bald, why? Not like this world and bald eagles?
Does not light the sacred fire with matches.
Love died, the moment when left alone in two.
Only carpets are born to be trampled.


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