a cut says it all

I like the gifts because they say everything about the person who gives them.

I hate cropped pictures. Those weird cropped pictures when you can actually see the person next to you’s shoulder. And believe it or not, that often becomes an avatar picture! It’s like eating your chocolate by yourself under the bed covering. You don’t want others, it’s you only in that picture, because you have the best smile ever, and if the price you pay for that picture is an ugly background, so be it.

I saw an awesome player who cropped his instrument in a picture and made that the cover of his CD demo. obviously aesthetics and music have nothing to do with one another. I started laughing all of a sudden, people next to me were asking me if I am OK.

Yes, I hate cropped pictures. It betrays either a lack of minimum aesthetic common sense or a selfishness which stands out in a very ugly manner. A voice in my head whispers: “it’s both”.


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