Romania, Eurovision 2011

Good song, good sound! But many mistakes in it. David from Hotel FM it’s not a musician, and Romania thought if they send an English guy from Bucharest UK will give them points, just how Norway did last last year with Ovi. Stupid mistake! Ovi was already an established musician in Norway, he was full of music, and that’s how Romania got points for him, but David is a no name in England, a stubborn guy who came over in Romania to build a career that does not exist at the moment. I am not contesting his gifts for music too much, but he has not much at the moment to put up on the wall. If he was a name in UK, then yes, but to convince your own people how good you are, that’s even harder than convincing foreigners.

Secondly, another big mistake David did – because at the end of the day, the singer sells the song out – was the projection of his lyrics. All I heard it was: “I can change the world alone, I need you all everybody etc”. You can’t change the world yourself!!! That’s nuts! BUT! But, but, but! What do you think the real lyrics are? “I can’t change the world alone, I need you all everybody etc”. Well, that’s a different story altogether!

I am not talking about the out of tune part David sang (because the winner was out of tune as well and the French guy, btw, o-la la, heaps out of tune), or how tired he was, because that was not the worst thing. My problem is with the singers. Not many singers learnt how to sing, to project lyrics, voice etc. I know everybody can sing, but some people just shouldn’t. Not at this level, anyway.


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