Obama killed Osama

About this murder will be a lot of writing to come, movies and everything. We will get educated, no worries. One thing I doubt: is he really is the terrorist? What I do not know, I don’t know the reality. I have heard many stories about 9/11 that was a controlled implosion. I refuse to believe the news now, the computer made movies about how Osama was killed, the height of the fence the terrorist was hiding behind (which varies from 3.5 ro 5.5m), I refuse to believe the information released by the US. I want to see clear proof, flagrant pictures, or spy-movies that gives more authenticity to this information, I don’t want to be just somebody who claps.


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  1. scstefan1 says:

    It happened US released some videos with Osama days after my post. Have you seen the movie with Osama watching TV and a remote control in his hand? The movie seems to be filmed from about 2 metres away. How was that possible? From satellite? That is scary, that means somebody can see me what I am doing now. Did Osama know he was filmed, I mean was he filmed after his capture? I have many other ?s.There is something there that does not make sense.

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