What do we need poetry for?

I need to clarify from the beginning that poetry means here philosophy or culture I name hereby everything that can’t be define very clearly, it could be replaced with music, education etc.

We live in a world where everybody wants to make money and then go out and spend it. In weekend, in holiday. Not to be understood that this is me, not at all. We live in world where nobody has time. Or, to add depth to your learning, you need time, you need to sit down and read, do nothing else, but study. You see, this does not generate any income, it does not bring anything to you, it actually consumes resources, generating nothing. So, why do we need reading for? Or music? Or culture? By the way, it makes me laugh, everything that can not be defined exactly, is culture. We talk about American culture – if you have to define that, you can’t, trust me – the culture of the Middle Ages (?), stupid people have no culture etc.

Poetry, music, culture becomes thus a background in all antourages that we build our relationships.


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