The difference between flowers and ikebana (3rd gear thought)

I was trying to think why I am not a big fan of offering flowers? Why when it comes to buying flowers I feel so nervous? I don’t like flowers? Or is it the price? Am I not sensitive enough? Or what is it then?

I only like flowers when I see them in nature. I don’t like them in the flower shop. To me, that is like a skull exposition or end-of-hunting-day presentation. Why kill something so beautiful to offer to somebody? Maybe there are reasons, there may be.I love taking photos of flowers and preserve them there still, or keeping the root of the flower if, you still have to offer it to somebody. The only difference is in ikebana. An ikebana arrangement looks beautiful even if flowers’ vitality fades out. I perceive ikebana differently because ikebana gives immortality to the flowers. It arranges some dead things, it’s kind of metamorphosing the death into something very nice.

I think my choice will be flowers with roots and maybe one day I will see brides holding pots instead of wedding bouquets.


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One Response to The difference between flowers and ikebana (3rd gear thought)

  1. Mirela says:

    Just one little hint, so you may like SOME cut flowers.

    All bulb flowers need to be cut so the bulb can preserve its vitality. If you don’t cut the flower, the bulb is “exhausted” spending all the nutrients trying to make a fruit out of the flower instead of storing them for the next year flower. There are chances that it even dies, but most often it just weakens and the next year flower is very small or it may not flower at all.

    I didn’t know this either until I had tulips in my garden and I wandered why they were not thriving as my neighbour’s.

    So, the next time you HAVE to buy cut flowers just pick tulips or daffodils or gladiolus, and remember they are cut just so the bulb can live.

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