White Understanding

Few days ago my cousin sent me an email containing an attachment with Barack Obama at White House. A power point presentation with a nice classical music, something banal. The photographer wanted to show the human side of the most powerful president of the planet.

The other day, a Romanian journalist, Cristian Tudor Popescu, predicted that in 15 years print newspapers will dissapear, becoming vintage bibliography. He said that his newspaper, “Gandul”, has frequently about 150,000 online readers, but the number of the printed copies is about 20,000 daily.

The internet is the fastest vehicle for communication. Its unique advantage among other mediatic devices is the facility to interact live. To have an opinion. People love to be heard. To read emails. You’ve got mail, so you exist. You not lonely anymore.

Barack Obama is concerned about popularity. Or maybe about my loneliness. Am I wrong to think he sends emails off to people? I don’t think so. Imagine you receive a free mail at home with an album containing pictures from White House. You feel important, don’t you?

I played around in wordle with his speeches and the most frequent (key)words he uses are: “people”, “America”, “freedom”, “world”, “together” (I did the same thing with George W. Bush; his favorite words were: “terorism”, “Iraq”, “nation”, “danger”, “security”, “attack”).


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