About Think, Love and Hate

In theory, we are all good people. Nobody is bad, racist, jealous etc. Everybody knows the difference between black and white, bad and good, or small and big. We do know how we should look in the society, what image we need to display, what mask to wear. However, everyday our rationale is replaced by some disordered forces. Those forces are more powerful than the rational itself.

Platon said the soul is like a three horse-drawn carriage: the rationale, the feeling, and the instinct. Physically, this image is correctly pictured because apparently we think with three overlapped brains: reptile’s, mammal’s, and human’s. Unfortunately I say – or fortunately some might say – the old ones are stronger. If our world – I name hereby the society and the culture we live in – were chaotically organized (not rationally), then we would all follow our instincts’ and passions’ calls. The rationale would become a dark captive of those. A miserable rationale justifies and authorises instincts and passions. When the rationale is infantilised, it automatically becomes governed by instinct and feeling, there is no other substitute for that.  I remember in communism how intellectual people from above used to give logical justifications for murders.

We all have second thoughts, in both directions: good and bad. “I can’t stand that person”, “I don’t like his face”, “he’s not too bad” are some examples we all said at some stage after we spent some time with somebody. Sometimes we don’t even know why  “don’t like it” occurs, but we won’t go into that now. These “don’t like” feelings are rooted into hate. We only are human as much we have left over hate as. What is hate in us, it is not human, it is instinct. We are human, as much love as we have. Love is feeling. Rationale is thinking.

Life can only be understood through an own and personal thinking, personal experience. Even if we’d better learn from other people’s experiences – because there is not enough time for us to do all the possible mistakes Freud said – we still want to experience our own life. So “I am” the most important person in the universe. However, what am I, at the universe scale? Let’s do not forget that “I am” the least – or “dustleast” to make up a word – important person in the universe as well.


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