People are rationale. Or they should be anyway. However, they refer too often to magical explanations. To get a subject you know during your examination, to win to a lottery, to be OK after an accident, all these seem to be a mysterious election: fortune – the good one – was on your side, or you had luck, or a miracle happened etc. Such miracles are happening actually more frequently than you would imagine. We do live dangerously. Everything can turn around against you at any time basically. Every single episode of your life, the most ordinary situation can unexpectedly end up pretty bad. Just think of the viruses, car accidents, irresponsible people, criminals etc.

What science actually does is putting in writing what we know based on ethical, theological, common sense intuitions, and explain what can not be explained. Searching the ADN is trying to understand the Creator. Today I uderstood why it’s not “always drive under 299 792 458 m/s” and why it is “I am your Lord. […] You shall have no other gods before Me“. Who can imagine people talking about speed of light thousands and thousands of years ago?


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