I’m here again

As this blog slacked off a bit, I feel guilty and need to come up with an explanation. And we know very well how much poeple love to pretend they are busy, busier than they actually are. As I think reasons, none of them can stand alone in front of the fact I just could not organise myself to write here.

Among all the topics I discussed with my friends recently (the financial crisis, the bushfires, the happiness of old people, my garden, normal farting is 20 each day etc.) yet the only one I wish to put up here is my birthday. It took me a while to think that I am actually the most important person of the planet, because through myself I get – I don’t actually – to understand the universe, but in the same time I am the least important man in this universe, thinking I am just a human being sharing a spot on this planet together with other 5 1/2 billion people, having absolutely the same needs and am simply dust in the universe, worth nothing.

My wish for my birthday was no gift for myself, but health for all around me and love for all the people. If people could just understand each other and do nothing, but understand.

My birthday found me a bit meditative in front of my laptop, but I got back into real life by the reminder set up on my Outlook Express to pay the bills.


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