Almighty Jerries

I love people who know everything. They have no earthly doubt. In their sayings you will not hear opinions, you hear verdicts, judgements. They are almighty competent and can browse any topic. Some of them will be so confident in what they say, so you think they are covered in certainties. Those people must have copyright for the hottest saying in speaking: the aphoristic ineptitude.  

I like their body language. They speak with their finger on temple or loudly think recklessly  pretending they smartly joke. 

Histrionic and scatter-brained, they never miss the chance to show off how smart they are. Any topics they do not know? Not at all! They know all about all: tamili tigers, taxation in Uganda, the introspection prose from Eritrea, the infantile psychology, Lithuanian Hip-Hop, plummy cakes, fashion in Hawaii, dog ape’s digestive tract, Lech Walesa’s personal life, lyre-bird’s sexuality and about two million more themes. It is interesting to notice their views. They speak up unambiguously and unassailably.  

I like this kind of people in my life. They make me laugh. A while ago, I used to get angry when seeing them, but now they are just a picturesque item in my life, reminding me to laugh.


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One Response to Almighty Jerries

  1. Amitabh says:

    Isn’t blogging exactly that? In my case, it is an extension of my desire to share everyone how much I (don’t) know. 🙂

    Hence guilty as charged!


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