Why people write? Why am I writing? Why do I have to spend this time here, writing my thoughts so I or someone else can read them later on? Why I am wasting this part of my life for writing?

The interior man is the one who is writing. The interior man (‘im’) is the one who is confessing, however, what ‘im’ writes is not always a confession, therefore when we read someone we should not always relate that to his real life. It is difficult to know how much is ‘autobiography’ and how much ‘literary travesty’ is in someone’s text. The writing ‘im’ expresses is that voice who wants to be released out. It is probably that symptom for protesting against something. It is that part from deep inside you who wants to achieve a virtual ideal.  The problem is when the answers the writer gives aim to overlap with reader’s answers. If you keep writing for too long, you might break yourself from the reality because life is to be lived, not to be written for others, for the sake of others’ readings.

I noticed two dimensions the writers stem from: one is borrowed from keeping the power of the knowledge as long as possible and the other one is from developing a personal world, digging up hidden thoughts, some kind of self-suggestion. Writers ‘keep the power’ because they put in writing what they understand – or what they do not understand – from their life when they look back. Some try to write about the future. I did too. That is brave. You can only live your life by going ahead and writing is an activity that addresses the past, things happened ‘by now’.

When writing too much you spend a lot of energy. Searching in yourself for so long, going through your own mind in those dark areas is an expensive exercise that can burn out the writers. It is a tribute you pay, a sacrifice you do for nothing because often is appreciate it by no one, or, in fortunate circumstances, by someone, only for a short period of time though. And why this sterile exercise?

It is, however, above all, the need for communication and a metabolism of self-frustration. A message you transmit further and you think it will help others to do those things better than you did. Writing may be a gift given to people, but they can become decayed angels due to the gift itself. At the beginning, people were to communicate orally, there was no need for writing. Writing occurs when the man attempts to know himself more, aspiring to emancipate himself, to be above the others.

Writing, likewise sexuality, is not a bad thing. It is a necessity that forces the man to become something in his own world. A justification he gives probably to himself. A voice – in writing – of the strangulated spirit. However, writing remains a shadow of spirit’s life, a lofty energy that makes the man move up, a message of the spirit who is continuously agitating inside.


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