A New Beginning?

Kids, when they leave high school, are confused. They do not know where to go to. With job market continuously changing, it is hard to foresee what is worthwhile doing after 5 years. And they can earn some money quickly, so why should they stress answering to one of the most difficult question of the world: “what do you want to do?”. Today’s shortage, tomorrow’s filled up. Trades’ dynamic all over the world is wide and still broadening as the migration process becomes more prominent. The internet is – or should – be part of our everyday learning and teaching because the amount of information which is flowing in one day is probably bigger than all data which was flowing in one year, somewhere in 15th century. More does not necessarily mean better as changing does not always mean upgrading or less is sometimes more.

It is good to be proficient in two jobs or two languages at least, but Jack of all trades, master of none, so I do think is very difficult for school leavers and young graduates when they have to answer to: “what am I going to do”.

What we should focus on a bit more – and this is a lesson I learnt during a religious education class! – is how to look forward, how to envisage, how to foresee, to know intuitively. To sniff around, to comprehend the meaning. Today we do not have time to know everything. The world can’t be controlled from the world. If you want to know more and more about something, you will end up knowing all about nothing. The main problem of the actual financial US recession is that they can’t control themselves, and, more importantly, they thought they do! This is one possible hypothesis. Self-control is crucial in every domain, but no one can do it perfectly. US do not have mathematical or economical models to anticipate correctly. It does not matter how good their people and tools are – there are many experts there – they often are surprised in off-side by the economical dynamic which is huge. The fact that they are stuck to their systems and machines – a machine does not smell around, does it? – is another thing, too!

America is changing, the world is changing. Energy resources may become an issue just like in WWII and I think young students need to think seriously more than ever about our future. I am sure they have the solutions, but we need to challenge them more in this direction.


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