Short interlude about ‘gift’ and ‘talent’

Françoys Gagné created a Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) in which he clearly delimitates four aptitudes domains (gifts): intellectual (IG), creative (CG), socioaffective (SG), sensorimotor (MG).

GIFTEDNESS designates the possesion and use of untrained and spontaneosly expressed superior natural abilities called aptitudes or gifts), in at least one domain to a degree that places an individual at least upper 10% of his or her age peers.

TALENT designates the superior mastery of systematically developed abilites (or skills and knowledge in at least one field of human activity to a degree that places an individual within at least the upper 10% of age peers who are or have been active in that field or fields.

He also obviously define talents. He said: talents progressively emerge from the transformation of high aptitudes into the well trained and systematically developed skills characteristic of a particular field of human activity of performance . Researches show that gifted learners will often demonstrate characteristics such as an ability to understand complex concepts and retain learning easily, to think at abstract levels at a younger age, to exhibit longer attention and concentration spans and to have high levels of motivation in areas of interest. Some people also think the advanced emotional development is in fact a function of the advanced intellectual development. I think is a bit too much, they can be related (IQ & EI), but not separated.


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