I love people’s quotes. They don’t read Shakespeare, but they know what – or how, where, why – “to be or not to be”. This is the confirmation actually. The confirmation of a wide spread form of an acute lack of culture. They wouldn’t have a clue that Cervantes wrote his Don Quixote in 1605 , but they would eventually know about Sancho Panza and the fight they had with the windmills. Well, you can google up everything today. I do it a lot. So why should they carry all that kind of information in their tiny heads when search engines were invented. Why?

I know many people ask why. I love ‘why’ questions; they are both mind’s beauty and its blunder. Why questions point out the pure curiosity of some fervent species in a continuously intellectual expansion as well as the shocking amazedness of a pointless interrogation. In other words, both clever and stupid people ask why alike. But the vector of the question makes the difference. Stupid people create a castrating why. This is a question that has no answer and cuts off any virtual achievement: no solution, but it breaks up the smattering of any possible perspective that existed before question. It is like you would say: I am not getting into a car until I understand how engine works. You might end up walking for the rest of your life…


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3 Responses to Why?

  1. Matei says:

    Psychiatrists reckon that one person in four have a mental deficiency. So if you are hanging around with three more friends and have noticed nothing strange, you should start questioning yourself ’cause you might have guests up there ; ).

  2. scstefan1 says:

    Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t know this one. Cheers, Mate!

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