Generally, people can not live without people. I could not. Why? There are many reasons, which are selfish rooted.

Each person has its own world. Each person has its own gateways to other persons, to other ideas, to other things. (Each person has a double somewhere, but we won’t go into that right now). You can not learn or pretend you know everything, you can not live or pretend you have lived everything. There is not enough time for that. Others have experiences that you have never even imagined. Your world is becoming bigger if you join it with other worlds. Your world becomes better if you share it with other worlds. I can not explain the process, it is a mistery. But you must keep a balance. How much you share and whom to. Or what worlds you join yours in. Because your life is changing when you meet other people, it does not matter how good you are. To meet other people, you will need to do your steps, and learn how to be humble or how to please the one you want to be with. It is a great lesson to know how to make sacrifices for others. People never forget a sacrifice you may have made for them, only if you did it without expecting enything in exchange. And that’s tough.


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