Each kick in your bum is a step ahead

Sometimes the future may look uncertain. There may be options, but we still do not know what path shall we follow. We do not know what tent shall we dwell in. In those situations, I often ask my heart what I would like to do. I discovered that if you take a decision with an open heart, that is a good decision.

The other thing is each experience has its meaning. What happens, happens for a reason. We must learn from each experience, even if unsuccessful, and that will make us stronger. We must keep on going. That is the main thing. It does not matter is we fail reaching a goal, but it does matter if we do not get up and keep going. A very old Romanian proverb says: each kick in your bum is a step ahead. It is much truth in that.

Above all, there is somebody else, whose will, however, will be done. The bad luck we sometimes face or cope with, is often a way which is not good enough for us (or not such as yet). The bad luck we might think is in fact good luck, we are just redirected or put on hold in order to critically reflect upon some personal issues.

As we do not know when it it is good or bad luck, it is much better to pray and ask for Thy will to work through us, not our will. It really works. And it’s much easier. Think: why shall we waste our time and energy to guess? We’d better make all our efforts for something we believe is good, and then let it happen. If it is going well that’s good, and if it is going bad, that’s it. I frequently notice that good things add up in time, one step at a time, nothing over night, bad things are coming “now, go, quickly”, and they give you restless.


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