Christmas 2007

For us is that time of the year when we have mixed feelings. We are happy and melancholic alike. Christmas’ joy is always alive within us, however, on Christmas’ day our heart is often drenched in wine and travels thousands of miles away. It will be in the Romanian monasteries, with our parents, family, or with our friends spread out overseas.
But Santa was kind with us this year. The ‘wishing list’ was ticked off with generosity. Not because we were good guys, but there is always somebody up there who is tailoring things to best suit us, in a lordly manner to quote from Father Steinhardt. We are not alone in this Universe. There are always superior existences who are watching over us, when we sleep and when we are alive. They bear us over.

Next year, short after New Year’s Eve we will move in Melbourne, somewhere in Mornington bay, near the beach. It is time to move on in to the next phase of our life. This year we finished many chapters. We were lucky because we got by successfully.

Thank Lord, I finished Uni. It’s good collecting cards; to me all this studies have been just another waste of paper. I know I sound silly, but the only thing I liked was the ceremony. Magnificent organisation. Everything was perfect. Anyway, it was a nice experience. And expensive. Very. I reckon I was the only guy European featured among all international 2007 graduates. European guys are rare species around. It was the first time of my life when I was remarked doing nothing. Have you ever wondered why Asian people are everywhere? It is not only because they are so many, it is because they have so much nerve. They have guts. They care so much about what they want to do and they do. They care less about what others say. They focus on greatly. They care less if they do mistakes. They get up and keep going. They are persistent. I would say: Asian persistence conquers everything. What do you think?

Perhaps the H2SO4 concentration beneath their solar plexus is high, however, I see this as an excellent fuel for their development. Oh, dear, I know I sound rude, I am begging your forgiveness if you do not agree with me.

Anyway, the ceremony started after a very nice string quartet concert. After that, the lecturers dressed in colorful gowns walked down slowly on the stage. I understand there is a dress code according to everyone’s rank and faculty. For example, PhD people have a red twine on their graduation hat, while graduates a black one only. The organ was playing a fragment from Toccata in D minor by Bach while the professors were setting up in front of their chairs. The audience was standing up until they all reached their place after a meaningful ritual. On the final chord, they were all in front of their chairs and a big scepter was put down on a wood-frame by the leading lecturer. He was just a staff member of this escort, not the ‘big guy’. Lofty moment. My feelings were about liberty. I realised that this is a great making up, but I liked it. After that music stopped, they settled down, we did too, and the speeches started. Finally we all got on the stage at some stage and were handed in the much sought after certificate. Everybody was very proud. Flashes were everywhere, there were pictures taken continuously.

I was privileged to take part in this festivity. There are many people that I wish to thank. Without their help I could not get here, but I can not finish this paragraph without expressing my gratitude to my wife who was not only a vigilant eye for my work, but also a valuable resource for me and a unique support.

I also finished my job with Kurnai College. The people I worked with were great people. I did not realise that I was so much loved. At the fairwell thing we did afterwards I got many cards and very nice presents. I think I was lucky again to be surrounded by very kind people.

As regards the permanent residency status that was a real blessing too. It was much hard work and stand by mood. I know it was actually a formal thing, but a very important one. It opens a new future.

Thank you for thinking about us. Merry Christmas everyone!


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